Holiday Meal Planning for Diabetics

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I bet you have a favorite Holiday dish, maybe something that you look forward to all year. Friends and family bring their A-game when baking and cooking for the Holidays, but it can be challenging for diabetics to enjoy the festive food while staying on track with managing their diabetes. A little planning will help you enjoy your favorite Holiday foods in a healthy way.

Meal Time Madness

One aspect of Holiday meals that could throw off your diabetes management plan is that Holiday meals often include more food than usual, and might happen midafternoon. Your family might skip lunch, eat midafternoon, and skip dinner as they recover from food comas. To keep your glucose levels on track, consider eating a snack at your normal meal time.

Select Healthy Substitutions

You don’t have to pass on pie to stay on track with a healthy diet during the holidays. There are small changes you can make to still enjoy Holiday meals, but cut back on calories. Try fat-free or lite alternatives to sour cream and mayonnaise, cut back a little on the amount of sugar you put in desserts, and consider steaming veggies or sautéing with low calorie alternatives to oil like soy sauce.

Sample, Don’t Stuff!

When it’s time to eat, stick to your favorites, don’t feel obligated to try everything. If someone insists you try their famous mashed potatoes, just take enough for two bites. If you’re inclined to try it all, make sure veggies take up the most real estate on your plate. Every little bit helps!

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