NBA Hall of Famer Launches Diabetes Dream Team

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March Madness will be heating up soon, sparking an annual heated rivalry among fans and players alike. One former basketball player has created his own “team” in the hopes of unifying a diverse group with a common goal. NBA Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins launched a Diabetes Dream Team in 2014, and the Team’s goal is to help adults with type 2 diabetes improve their ability to manage the condition. Dominique’s Diabetes Dream Team stresses three important tools to a successful diabetes management plan: diet, exercise and proper medication. Dominique’s own team is comprised of his physicians, a diabetes educator, a nutritionist and a fitness expert, who together offer him guidance on daily diabetes management.

Wlikins said he realized that small changes can make a big impact in treating his diabetes, and he wants to encourage others to “think differently about managing their diabetes.” Diabetics can download Dominique’s “Diabetes Coaches’ Clipboard” for tips on diabetes management from Dominique and his team of experts.

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