About Active Healthcare

Active Healthcare is a premier, community-minded provider of medical equipment; passionately dedicated to the care and quality of life of our patients and customers.

We specialize in respiratory products such as nebulizers and spacers for patients with asthma.

You may be one of more than 22 million people that struggle with often life-threatening asthma. Too many lives are cut short by this treatable, but serious medical condition. We know that patient education is a critical factor in patient success.

Each of our team members share our commitment to superb patient training and customer care, dating back to when we founded Active Healthcare in 1990.

Our award-winning company has served the greater Triangle region of North Carolina since 1990.

Team Active

About Active Healthcare Founders

Lisa Feierstein, RN, BSN, MBA, has been serving the medical community for more than 35 years in hospital, out-patient and home-care settings, educating the public and healthcare community on how to live life to the fullest. She has been published in numerous regional and national publications. Her passion is to empower people to become informed participants in their own healthcare and to engage in an active lifestyle, which includes the three pillars of health; diet, exercise and sleep!

Steve Feierstein, BSEE, MBA, has utilized his experience in the computer, financial and business management fields to build and nourish this market-leading medical company.

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