Home Safety Measures

Patient’s Personal Checklist

Know Proper Transfer Techniques

  • bed to chair
  • chair to bed
  • chair to toilet
  • toilet to chair

Wheelchair Safety

  • ramps (12ft. length for each 1 ft. rise)
  • check furniture placement
  • keep wheels locked when stationary
  • keep feet on footrests

Staircase Safety

  • have proper hand rails
  • label first and last steps
  • use non-skid treads on steps
  • maintain sufficient lighting

Know Proper Ambulation Techniques

  • use safety belt if indicated
  • use walker when indicated
  • use can when indicated
  • use crutches when indicated

Poison Prevention

  • label all poisons
  • keep all substances in their original containers
  • keep IPECAC syrup on hand
  • store all cleaning agents away from food and medications

Safe Medication Use

  • have a written medication schedule
  • keep all medications in original containers
  • know and watch for side effects of any medications in home
  • clearly label medications

Bathroom Safety

  • keep electrical equipment away from water
  • maintain sufficient lighting
  • handrails by tub and toilet
  • skid proof floor covering
  • use bathtub mats
  • use only stable tub seats/benches

Fall Prevention

  • Do not over way floors
  • use non-skid wax
  • lift feet when walking
  • wear proper fitting shoes
  • wear shoes with rubber soles
  • watch out for oxygen tubing
  • do leg strengthening exercises
  • watch thresholds in doorway
  • avoid or anchor throw rugs
  • avoid gait barriers
  • keep side rails on hospital bed up
  • maintain proper lighting
  • avoid extension cords
  • work on balance
  • avoid slippery surfaces
  • remove all clutter
  • use extra caution if using tranquilizers
  • tape down telephone cords if on floor

Fire & Electrical Safety / Burn Prevention

  • use caution when smoking
  • check batteries in smoke detectors monthly
  • practice fire drills
  • unplug appliances after use
  • store flammables properly
  • use caution with heating pads
  • Do Not smoke in bed
  • Do Not sleep with heating pads turned on
  • label hot and cold faucets
  • keep oven and stove burners off
  • turn pot handles to back of stove
  • report faulty wiring and outlets
  • have fire extinguishers handy
  • avoid use of extension cords
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